Hygiene for farms


Drinking water disinfection Free from Chlorine or Quaternary Ammonium

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  • ABREUVAL® TABLETS's strong oxidizing and long-lasting high germ-killing powers enable to purify and to quickly decontaminate drinking water to prevent animals' health. Thanks to its polyvalent action it prevents drinking water circuits, pipettes, drinking troughs from being covered with algae, scale and organic matters that are ideal infection sources.
  • Reduces ammoniated and sulphurized emanations: improves breeding premises deodorisation.
  • Does not contain chlorine, phenol, formaline nor quaternary ammonium. Does not corrode steel and plastic.
  • Raw materials notified for drinking water treatment in compliance with the European biocidal products directive 98/8/EC.
  • In tablets: Easy to use, dose and store, safe to handle.


  • Continous flowing drinking water pipe system and drinking water tank treatment .
  • Drinking water sanitation for poultry, pig, cattle, calf, rabbit...
  • Drinking water sanitation destinated to animals in water tanks or wells.
  • Active against Avian Influenza Virus H5N1. Dose: 1 tablet for 1000 liters of water.
  • Drinking water algaecide, deodorising and anti-scale treatment.
  • NB: Treated water is not intended for human consumption.

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